taf oil aviation


TAF has joined the aviation business recently with the aim of supplying jet fuel and aviation lubricants. The company plans to supply at least 20 % of the Ethiopian airlines jet fuel annual demand which is estimated to be 136,000, 000 Liter per year.

The company shall provide all round and up to standard aviation fueling service for its customers at Bole Intl’ and other up Country airports. Currently aircraft fueling faculties are being constructed at Bole Intl’ airport with a total cost of birr 200,688,044 initial investment. The aviation fueling facility shall accommodate storage tanks with 500 MC storage capacities each and all the necessary aircraft fueling facilities including jet fuel refueling trucks.

The high storage capacity of the depots together with the high standard fuel transportation trucks and refueling trucks will enable the company to create a very smooth & sustainable fueling service for Ethiopian airlines and other international airways

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